How do I get feedback? When you start lessons with us your child will be given one of our "Aquatic Learning Passport Progress" books. These outline the different levels that we run in our scheme and the criteria required for the children to progress to the next level. At various times throughout the year you will be emailed and asked to bring the book along for us to update. We find these are a good way to give feedback to parents and also motivational for the children. Our poolside co-ordinators are there as a first point of contact for parents/children and also to ensure the smooth running of the poolside and classes. You can of course also make contact with us via telephone or e-mail at anytime. What about the teachers? Our teachers are professionally trained to give you the best quality service. We continually asses our teachers, give them feedback and on job training to ensure they too are constantly improving. Our teachers are in the water when teaching all levels upto and including Beginners two as this raises the childs confidence, makes communication easier, and allows demonstrations to be given. Barring illness we try to ensure teacher continuity for the course of lessons. If a replacement has to be found for a lesson then please be assured that the replacement shall be fully briefed about the class and they will follow the same lesson plan as the usual teacher would have given. Aquatic Learning is registered with Disclosure Scotland/PVG Checked and teachers checked accordingly. ... and the lessons? Although not mandatory we have found from experience that children progress quicker when wearing goggles and fitted swimming costumes. We also try wherever possible not to use swim aids however if you feel your child needs armbands initially to help them settle into the class then this is not a problem. We’ll work with it until we feel they are ready to go it alone! All our classes are deliberately kept small in size, (see tuition pages for ratio's), which allows teachers to get to know the pupils better and hence provide tuition that caters more for individual needs & fears. Lessons are based around the Scottish Swimming National Plan for Teaching Swimming.

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