• Once the initial booking is made it is deemed final and we regretfully cannot give refunds.
  • Bookings are deemed final: - FOR THOSE BOOKING FOR THE FIRST TIME-once the initial booking has been taken and payment made. - FOR THOSE ALREADY IN OUR PROGRAMME-once the specified date for opting out of the programme has passed, if no email/written confirmation has been received by Aquatic Learning Ltd from the parent/guardian of a request to opt-out of the programme, the childs space to continue in the programme will be deemed to have been confirmed and refunds will not be given.
  • Any request to cancel before the opt-out date will be acknowledged by Aquatic Learning ltd to the parent/guardian within 2 working days otherwise we ask you contact us again to ensure we have received it. To avoid dispute please note that we can only accept any request to opt out in writing.
  • In the unlikely event that lessons cannot be delivered by Aquatic Learning, due to a pool closure or other unforeseen circumstances cancelling all lessons that date(s), lessons shall be rescheduled, we shall offer lesson credit(s) or lessons at another venue. Refunds shall not be given.
  • Our swim teachers normally work in the water with those puplis who they feel will benefit more from this. If you would like to discuss our teaching methods in more detail, please call us.
  • Parents/guardians should have children ready on poolside not more than 5mins before their lesson is due to start and parents should be waiting to recieve their child as soon as their lesson ends. For safety reasons we cannot take responsibility for children before their lessons have started or after they have ended.
  • In the event of unsafe or disruptive behaviour of any swimmer Aquatic Learning reserves the right to ask that swimmer to leave the lesson.
  • Unfortunately teachers get ill like everyone else and therefore Aquatic Learning Ltd reserves the right to use alternative teachers qualified to an appropriate level should your regular teacher be unavailable.

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